Most frequent questions and answers

Your beat(s) will be instantly available for download directly from the order summary page once you checkout and your payment has been processed.  You will also receive a confirmation email with the download links.

No. All licenses come with the untagged version(s) of the beat(s). Regardless of which license you purchase.

We accept PayPal but you can pay with Debit Card using the PayPal method.

It will not be removed from the beat store. If you purchase exclusive rights, the beat will be marked as sold and will no longer be purchasable.

Yes, but certain mobile devices can have compatibility issues when downloading the files directly to the phone. It is advisable to download the files to your desktop or laptop using the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive after a successful checkout. Don’t worry if you navigate away from the order summary page on your phone, you’ll be linked back to it in the email to get your files.

Download links to the beat files and license agreement will appear on your order summary page once you complete the checkout process. Additionally, an email will be sent to the address provided at checkout with the download links immediately after purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email right away. 

Stems (also known as trackouts) are the individual audio files that make up a beat, meaning each sound within the beat will be sent as a separate high quality WAV audio file. Leases that include stems are ideal if you plan on recording your song in a professional studio and want to have full control over mixing each instrument around your vocals.

When you purchase a beat lease, you are simply buying the rights to use the beat in a limited and non-exclusive capacity. Matthew May retains full copyright ownership over the composition and is allowed to continuously sell non-exclusive licenses of that same beat to other artists until someone purchases the Exclusive Rights to the beat. At that point, the beat will be immediately removed from our beat store and ownership rights are granted to the purchaser.

You must upgrade your lease to the next tier by contacting us. The cost of the upgrade is simply the price of the new lease minus the amount you already paid for your original lease.

The purchase of Exclusive Rights to a beat does not impact the status or validity of previous licensees so you do not need to remove your music from streaming services, social media, etc. for the full term of your lease agreement.

The usage rights are the same for both: you get unlimited sales, streams, etc. The difference is, if you purchase the Exclusive, the ownership rights to the beat are transferred to you and the beat is immediately removed from our beat store, never to be sold to another artist again. The Unlimited License is still non-exclusive, so even though you get the same usage rights as if you owned the Exclusive, the beat will remain in our beat store for others to lease or buy.

NO! I never use any samples from songs that need clearance. I usually use loops with clearance of usage or royalty-free without any needing of clearance and sometimes my own melodies.

Exclusive rights usually start at $500 and go up from there. The option to negotiate for exclusive rights if available is on the same screen as the other leasing options. You can make an offer directly there or email me at info@ebytra.com Keep in mind some beats are not available exclusively.

Some beats are not for sale exclusively. If you don’t see an option on my site to negotiate it’s likely not available exclusively. This does not mean that someone else owns the exclusive rights, it just means I am not selling them. In this case, if you want unlimited distribution and monetization rights the unlimited license is the best option. The terms of the contract are actually very similar between unlimited license and exclusive rights, the main difference being exclusivity. 

Yes others may use the same beat if you purchase a lease, however, this will not affect your song in any way. Aside from beats that have a ton of views on YouTube, it is unlikely you will hear others using the same beat as you. If the option to negotiate for exclusive is available, you can make an offer and if purchased no one will be able to purchase the beat after. However keep in mind that this will be significantly more expensive than any leasing options, and is not always available as an option.

Nothing, your license is still valid as it is “grandfathered in” because you purchased a license before the exclusive rights were bought. However, if you made a song and have not purchased a license yet and someone buys exclusive rights, you will not be able to use your song if you did not buy a license prior. This is why I recommend at least purchasing a license if you know you’re going to put the song out at some point because often this happens and there is nothing I can do if you did not buy a license before exclusive rights were purchased.

No, you can still upload your song or music video to YouTube. Content ID is a copyright service that claims all uses of the beat on YouTube. The reason you can’t do this is because if others use the beat, including my original beat upload, all instances of the beat on YouTube will be copyright claimed as the system cannot tell the difference between your use of the beat or others. This creates a big problem and often requires me to take down your track on all platforms as it is a breach of the license contract.

If this happens first submit a dispute on YouTube with proof of purchase such as receipt and where you got the beat. If that doesn’t work, please email me at info@ebytra.com with a link to your video and a screenshot of the claimant. Unfortunately, sometimes people misuse the Content ID or copyright system so if you email me the issue I will try take care of it. Also in some instances, you may see that my beat has been copyrighted. In that case, still message me your link on YouTube if you have purchased the beat and I will have the copyright claim removed. This should not stop you from uploading to YouTube or affect your channel or video in any way.

This is a tricky question as often people’s definition of “making money” is different. Simply put, you can use my beats for a non-profit on SoundCloud, YouTube, IG, or other platforms that allow you to upload and not monetize. You cannot monetize on these platforms unless you purchase a lease. For streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) you must ALWAYS purchase a lease before distributing to them. There is no non-monetized option for these so even if you think you won’t make “much” money, that’s not a valid use of the free for non-profit option.

No unfortunately I cannot rely on an unknown 50% to run my business. If you have no money for a lease, just use the free non-profit option to put your song up on Soundcloud, YouTube, and IG until you have the means to license the tracks.

Yes, there is an option to negotiate pricing directly from the pricing page of each beat lease. You can make an offer for any lease type there, or message me at info@ebytra.com if you need to negotiate pricing options. If you make an offer through my site and I accept, you still need to purchase the beat after I accept otherwise the negotiation will expire.

I only do very simple edits as that’s all I have time to accommodate. If it’s a matter of simply extending or shortening the beat, or taking out an instrument or sound, that should be fine, just email me and I’ll let you know if it’s possible. If it’s more than that I will likely not be able to do it so I recommend purchasing the stems/track outs and editing either yourself or having an engineer/producer help with it.

Free Beats Policy

Only download the Free Beats for use in non-commercial and non-profitable projects. By offering free beats, you’ve been given the opportunity to ‘Try-Before-You-Buy.’ Use these to write, record and experiment with your music. You are allowed to post the final result on your social channels or sites like YouTube or Soundcloud to see if your song is worth investing in a license. The Free versions are ‘tagged’ with a voice tag for security reasons. By purchasing a license you will receive an untagged 

version regardless of the license you decide to purchase.

You are not allowed to download Free Beats for:

– Use on mixtapes or albums
– Use in Radio- and TV-Broadcasting or any airplay possibility – Use in live-performances or any other public use
– Any profitable projects

Disclaimer:​​ ​​Any unauthorized use of these Free Beats, including reselling and modification are considered as a direct violation of the Copyright Act of 1976. Robin Wesley Productions reserves the right to take legal action or pursue financial compensation as a result of any breach or violation on our ‘Free Beats Policy.’

The short answer is No. However, something that you can do is that you submit just your vocals of the song to Content ID instead of doing it with the beat. That way you won’t be violating the terms.

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