Upgrade your beats license

Upgrade your license to a new tier here!

Upgrade your license

If you’re currently on a Basic, Basic Pro or Premium license, you can use the form below to upgrade your beats license to a higher one. You will only pay the difference between your current license and the license you want to upgrade to.

If you’ve purchased your beat via Beatstars or on this website, complete the process below, a code will be sent to your inbox within 72h which you can use in the checkout to get a reduced price for the beats license that will be active for 72h.

The price will be (new license price – old license price = x)

REQUIRED STEP: Check if the beat is still available. 
If a beat is sold exclusively, it’s not possible to upgrade your license. Click the button below to check if your beat is still available for upgrading.

  • You can only upgrade one beat at a time
  • It is not possible to downgrade your license.
  • Upgrade prices are not negotiable
  • License upgrades are not included in any special deals or bulk deals.
  • Include receipt details, which license you want to upgrade, email your purchased beat with, when you purchased beat and any other additional information.

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